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The creation of the Middle East Chapter of ISoP was officially announced in October 2015 at the Annual Meeting in Prague (Czech Republic).
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As Pharmacovigilance is slowly increasing in the region, we have taken the initiative to solidify and standardize the Pharmacovigilance regulations through the implementation of new regulations and to enhance the Pharmacovigilance practice in the area.

The Middle East Pharmacovigilance chapter is recommended in order to harmonize Pharmacovigilance practices, regulations between all the Arab countries.

The chapter will commit to join forces with the Ministry of Health in the Middle East towards the execution of and compliance with the new Arab guidelines.

The chapter will have the mission to utilize the existing strengths on academic and health industry levels to enhance Pharmacovigilance and to establish the highest international standards in the region.


  • To foster collaboration between Pharmacovigilance members across Middle East region
  • Sharing of experiences for evolution of the new Arab guidelines
  • Increase awareness on the importance of enhancing patient’s safety in the region
  • Strengthen the risk management implementation via marketing authorization holders and regulatory agencies
  • Discuss needs and opportunities of each country to strengthen the Pharmacovigilance system.

Our goal is to create a partnership with ISoP and to establish the future of pharmacovigilance in the region.


All persons interested in pharmacovigilance activities in the region are welcome and invited to be a member of ISoP and the Middle East Chapter. Join ISoP here

Please contact ISoP Aministration for further information.


12-13 April 2017 Middle East Pharmacovigilance training, in collaboration with the Middle East ISoP Chapter.
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