Special Interest Groups - Women’s Medicines Group

ISoP Women’s Medicines Group

If you would like to join the ISoP Women’s Medicines Group please contact Dr Mira Harrison-Woolrych.

Medicines for Women has been published

Medicines for Women has been published by Springer International – please see the flyer for further information. We can inform you that Medicines for Women includes several excellent chapters by ISoP members and much of interest in our field!


ISoP Group Taking Issues Forward

Following an interesting and invigorating session on Women’s Medicines at the ISoP annual meeting in Istanbul in October 2011, a group of ISoP members have continued to develop the ISoP Women’s Medicines Group.  The members of this group have a specific interest in medicines used by women, in particular contraceptive products, medicines used in pregnancy and medicines used by post-menopausal women.

Information sharing and networking

Communicating mainly by e-mail, the group intends to share interesting news items, research findings, regulatory actions and other information on women’s medicines issues which have been identified worldwide.  Sharing views on these may just be for information and interest but may also lead to action (see below).

Collaborative Projects

Some members of the group are involved with interesting projects on women’s medicines and would like to invite others around the world to work on these too.  One example is that Dr Katarina Ilic from Belgrade is undertaking a study of pharmacists’ knowledge of emergency contraception (EC) and is willing to share the questionnaire for use in other countries.  This could lead to a multi-centre/country collaborative study of EC.  If you would like further information about this topic, please e-mail Dr Katarina Ilic at: katarina.v.ilic@gmail.com

Initiatives regarding Medicines in Pregnancy

Many of us would like to improve the information regarding the safety of medicines used in pregnancy.  There is a need to develop pregnancy registers for all medicines and in particular those used in IVF treatments.  Other groups including the WHO and ISPE are also working on these issues and the ISoP Women’s Medicines Group aims to liaise and work with these other groups.

Advising and Influencing on Women's Medicines issues

There continue to be issues relating to women’s medicines on which those of us expert in this area believe we should take some action. Methods might include writing editorials or other articles for international journals; writing letters to guidelines groups or professional bodies like the Family Planning Association.

Membership of the ISoP Women's Medicines Group

Any member of ISoP who has an interest in medicines used by women is very welcome to join our group.  Our group includes members from several different continents and like ISoP in general, we are truly international!  The group is open to men and women as we believe everyone has a part to play in improving the safety of medicines used by women.  Experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, family planning, general practice, research or regulation of women’s medicines, or any other aspects of women’s health is an advantage, but not essential.  The main thing we would like is your interest and your support!

If you would like to join the ISoP Women’s Medicines Group please contact Dr Mira Harrison-Woolrych by e-mail at: administration@isoponline.org