Training - ISoP Seminar

ISoP Seminar
Boston, USA

4-5 December 2017

Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance


ISoP Seminar – Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance

Can automated processes powered by artificial intelligence provide effective solutions to the ever-increasing challenges in pharmacovigilance?
The volume and diversity of regulated safety data to be screened, compiled and analysed by Regulators and Licence Holders has been steadily increasing over the years and is anticipated to further increase, implying the need for resources to a problematic extent.
Thanks to recent progresses in Artificial Intelligence, it has become realistic to consider that automated and semi-automated processes have the potential to provide higher efficiency -and/or reduce cost- in the execution of the most burdensome pharmacovigilance activities, especially the screening, management and evaluation of individual case safety reports from an increasing diversity of sources, especially patient support programs and multiple social media.  However, relying upon process automation is a complex strategic decision, that requires careful in-depth critical evaluation involving specialised competencies.

ISoP is offering a unique, highly focused, and scientific and interactive two-day seminar that will explore the emerging tools of potential interest for process automation in pharmacovigilance. Strengths, limitations, challenges for implementation and further evolutions will be debated among relevant specialists.

At the end of the seminar, pharmacovigilance leaders should be able to make robust, informed decisions when working with potentially disruptive innovation.

This seminar is aimed to engage all interested pharmacovigilance professionals in an industry, regulatory, or university setting.

The programme will cover topics such as:
– Case intake automation
– ICSR processing automation
– Signal management and risk management support tools
– New skillset for career in Pharmacovigilance
– Pharmacovigilance insourcing and outsourcing model for industry 4.0

There will be ample opportunity to exchange views and ideas in discussions both following individual presentations, after the panel discussion at the end of the seminar, and during coffee breaks.

The faculty will consist of international experts in pharmacovigilance, representing government, academia, and industry.
Training certificates of attendance will be provided to those who complete the seminar.

This seminar is organized in Boston (USA) Massachusetts’ capital. It is the first time that such ISoP meeting has been undertaken in North America.

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance would like to extend its gratitude to Biogen for hosting the meeting at its premises, and to PrimeVigilance for their organizational support.


Preliminary programme available here

Meeting Venue

Biogen Auditorium
12 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

Biogen Auditorium
12 Cambridge Center,
Cambridge, MA

Practical information, and registration will be available soon