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About ISoP - A message from the President of ISoP

Angela Caro - President of ISoP

A message from our President

Ms. Angela Caro Rojas

January 2023

Dear ISoP members,

It is a great pleasure to send this message to you all at this time as the new ISoP President. If you don’t know me, I am Angela Caro, a passionate pharmacovigilante, who has worked in the field since 2005. I am from Colombia and the mother of three wonderful boys.

Today I want to say thanks to every one of you who continues to believe in our society and work for a better use of medicines around the world; with your commitment every patient is safer and has a better chance of leading a healthy life.

Our society is a successful academic and scientific organization, and I hope it continues in the same way while we improve some aspects so as to offer the most advanced knowledge in pharmacovigilance for everyone.

We hope that by 2025 “ISoP will be recognized as the leading global champion for education and research in pharmacovigilance and the safe use of medical products and devices”, and all the Advisory Board is working hard to achieve this Vision.

At the moment we are building our strategic plan, which includes three main goals:


Long-term financial and organizational sustainability and stability of ISoP: to continue having a strong society that helps us to achieve the other two goals


Create and build a community for optimizing the safer use of medicines with a measurable impact on patients and health care professionals: every action, training course, and research project must impact patients and families, and we need to consider what are the most important problems in managing medicines and promoting solutions


Maintain and enhance scientific knowledge and competence in the global pharmacovigilance community: ISoP members are the essence and the soul of ISoP, our society exists because of you, and our intention is to offer enough benefits in networking for each ISoP member that they consider themselves happy and privileged to be part of this knowledge community

The Advisory Board is ready to hear about you and build with you the future of ISoP – as a big family we will continue together in this beautiful dream of patient safety.

So help us to understand what you want from your society, we will be asking very soon.

All my best to you and your families, we will keep in touch.

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