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About ISoP - Scientific Board

ISoP Scientific Board


The new ISoP Scientific Board (SB) has now been established. As outlined at the ISoP General Assembly in 2021, the ISoP Scientific Board’s mission is to support ISoP’s scientific and educational activities and to offer expert advice on pharmacovigilance worldwide. It will collaborate with the Institute of Pharmacovigilance (IPV) in delivering the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification (GPPC) for ISoP.

Mission and objectives

An essential mission of the ISoP Scientific Board includes overseeing the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification (GPPC), which is being developed as a collaboration between the Institute of Pharmacovigilance (a non-profit organization) and ISoP, following on from the work of the ISoP SIG on Pharmacovigilance Professional Qualification Framework.

The SB will also convene and discuss matters brought to its agenda by any of its members, or by ISoP’s Executive Committee (EC) or Advisory Board (AB), or by the IPV. Examples of tasks and activities include:

  • Provision of scientific and academic authority to ISoP, supporting any ISoP projects by offering input, revision, opinion, recommendations, publications, and networking
  • Assistance to the relevant ISoP Scientific Committees, in the organisation of conferences and training materials for ISoP events
  • Collaboration with the Institute of Pharmacovigilance (IPV) in delivering the above-mentioned GPPC for ISoP

Members of the Scientific Board

Scientific Board members were appointed by the ISoP Advisory Board in March 2022.
The core members are:

  • Thamir Alshammari
    (Saudi Arabia)
  • Priya Bahri
  • Rebecca Chandler
  • Jean-Christophe Delumeau
  • Birgitta Grundmark
  • Veronique Kugener
  • Ishak Mansi
  • Maja Mockenhaupt
  • Hadir Rostom
  • Shui Ki Henry Seto
  • Marco Tuccori
  • Eugene Van Puijenbroek
  • Li Zhang

The first meeting of the ISoP Scientific Board was held on 20 April 2022, chaired by ISoP President,
Dr. Mira Harrison-Woolrych
Subsequently new board members elected Veronique Kugener as Chair and Marco Tuccori as Co-chair.

Veronique Kugener
Marco Tuccori

Corresponding members to be consulted on specific topics include:

  • Nicole Baker
  • Yasmine Boulkroun
  • Katarina Ilic
  • Albert Figueras
  • Navinisha Lee
  • Marina Litvienko
  • Yola Moride
  • Xiao Hui Yang
  • Zhi Gang Zhao

Scientific Board Terms of Reference (ToR)

The SB Terms of Reference (ToR) document is available HERE.