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The creation of the Israel Chapter of ISoP was officially announced in October 2014 at the Annual Meeting in Tianjin (China).


All Q&As are based on validated references from Vaccine Safety Net, Regulatory agencies, FDA, EMA. MHRA, WHO, Israeli Ministry of Health, and scientific literature. Read here.


After the successful launch of weekly events last summer, the webinars will resume in April 2021.



Vision of the chapter

ISoP ISRAEL Chapter is committed to join forces with the Ministry of Health in all relevant area towards the implementation and compliance of the new regulation, procedure 6. ISoP ISRAEL has the mission to combine and utilize all existing strengths to improve pharmacovigilance and to raise it to the highest international standards to the benefit to all:

  • The academia through research, developing tools and education
  • The industry through identifying their needs and providing their experience
  • The regulatory agency through the evaluation, framing and translation of all regulations

ISoP Israel chapter objectives are

  • Improve and harmonize pharmacovigilance systems in Israel
  • Increase awareness of patient’s safety
  • Gather all stakeholders
  • Be a think-tank
  • Support a mechanism for data sharing between all stakeholders and Ministry of Health
  • Use epidemiology tools for risk detection and to support the research and development of new tools and technologies

The Chapter will achieve this goal through:

  • An educational program:
    For healthcare professionals and general public
    – Integration of pharmacovigilance courses in medical, paramedical and pharmacist studies

    – Academic specialization course.
  • Exchange knowledge, technology and experience with other countries and regions through organization of workshops, symposium…
  • Concept papers proposing models and means
  • Organization of multi-disciplinary days for converging technologies.

ISoP ISRAEL has the ambition to foster a unique and original pharmacovigilance system which will be shared with the international community.

The project of ISoP ISRAEL has started in January 2013 and was endorsed by the ISoP President and by the President of Tel Aviv University.

Anyone interested in joining ISoP and the Israeli Chapter of ISoP is invited to contact

ISoP Israel 2019 Symposium

Herzliya, Israel, June 3-4, 2019
360o of Drug Safety

Minimize Risks | Improve Communication
An International Multidisciplinary and Solution Oriented Symposium



Chapter Activities

ISoP Israel chapter activities from 2013 to 2018.