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ISoP Swiss-Austrian Chapter Symposium 5 March 2015 – Zurich, Switzerland
BIG DATA – driving evidence for healthcare
Venue: University Hospital Zurich, Lecture Hall ‚Pathology C‘ (Main Entrance), Rämistrasse 100,  8091 Zürich


Swiss Chapter: Kick-off meeting in Luzern (April 2009)

ISoP Swiss Chapter

Swiss Chapter: Kick-off meeting in Luzern (April 2009)

A very successful Satellite symposium was organized by the ISoP Swiss Chapter during the ISoP Annual Meeting held in Reims in October 2009.

Satellite symposium (ISoP Swiss Chapter) – October 8th, 2009

Chairman: Mario Bertazzoli, Co-chairman : Stephane Michaut Evaluation of medication safety in medical in patients with three different prescription support solutions. S. Russmann (University Hospital Zurich) Pharmacovigilance and drug consultation for health professionals: long-term experience at the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in Zurich, Switzerland. M. Huber (University Hospital Zurich) Pharmacovigilance of over-the-counter products in community pharmacies: pilot study conducted in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland. K. Hartmann (Crucell Berna Biotech Ltd) Semantic interoperability and standardization enable an integrated evaluation of safety data J.W. van der Velden (Mesama Consulting, Schinznach Bad) Drug interactions programs: clinician’s needs and program’s realities E. Jaquenoud Sirot (Klinik Königsfelden, Brugg) During the second Bureau’s meeting in Geneva (see agenda below) it was decided to organise a half day session in the second trimester of 2010. We invite all interested people to join this young, but already very active chapter, and to contact ISoP Swiss Chapter Secretary. Long life to this Chapter!

Advisory Board

Appointed 2018

Chapter President coordinator:
Dr. Victoria Rollason
University Hospital Geneva

Vice-President / Deputy:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Russmann

Chapter Treasurer:
Dr. Mario Bertazzoli
Director, Head of Corporate Drug Safety, Helsinn Group, Lugano

David Niedrig
University Children’s Hospital Zurich and