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Teratology Education Course and 3rd Joint International ENTIS / OTIS meeting

4-6 September 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear state-of-the-art lectures from UK and international experts on :
·        Fetal development
·        Principles of human teratology
·        Known and emerging human teratogens of relevance today
·        Effects of maternal illness on pregnancy outcome
·        Risk-benefit analysis of medicine use in pregnancy and lactation
·        Pregnancy pharmacovigilance and clinical application of pregnancy safety data
·        Risk communication in the context of human teratogens
Register now! Full provisional programmes available on the conference website.

* ISoP Mid-Year Training

15-16 March 2018
Canberra, Australia
“Pharmacovigilance in the Western Pacific: Global approaches to risk-management of medicines”. In collaboration with the ISoP WPC chapter. Programme and Registration, click here