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Training - Our Training Philosophy

The safest use of drugs through contributing to appropriate education in pharmacovigilance


ISoP Training course - Education

Introduction and Aims

A primary objective of ISoP is to promote the safest use of drugs through contributing to appropriate education in pharmacovigilance (PV) and training activities worldwide. We have worked to develop a continual robust educational programme, available internationally which includes a mid-year training programme, pre-conference courses during the Annual Meetings as well as joint training courses with WHO-UMC curriculum. The ISoP Advisory Board and Executive Committee itself has a wide range of expertise that can be brought to bear in providing PV education, and indeed the entire society itself has a wide range of international PV expertise, naturally given our membership from 100 countries, many of whom are keen to share their expertise in contributing to PV education and training courses. ISoP therefore can provide education on almost any element of PV and will do all we can to support Pharmacovigilance training around the world.

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Mid-year Training Courses

Each year for the following year, the outline plan of ISoP mid-year training course(s) (theme and location) is agreed by the Executive Committee (EC), who invite Board members to co-ordinate its organisation with help and partnership of a local organiser.
Training guidelines are available here and to learn more about our latest course(s) click here

Courses are run in parallel, usually as two-day of training courses with the possibility to have course in parallel for beginners (basic concepts) and an advanced course.
Time: mid-year (usually spring, but other months can be considered).
The training courses will be attended by ISoP members and by non-ISoP members. Specific countries may be targeted (according to the venue). Decisions on where to hold the mid-year training courses are decided by the EC on a case by case basis. ISoP support will be considered, but ISoP cannot fund training activities.
No honorarium will be accepted by EC or ISoP members who speak on a mid-year training.

Training at Annual Meetings

We conduct several training courses (in parallel to one another) in the day prior to each years’ conferences: the subject of the training is agreed with the Annual Meeting organizers and varies from year to year.

ISoP-UMC Training courses

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) and the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) have a common aim to research the benefits and risks of medicinal products and to promote and enhance the safe and effective use of medicines. In January 2016, a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by ISoP and UMC officials and in December 2019 it was renewed for another 3-year term.
It is one of the primary objectives of ISoP and UMC to offer appropriate education and training in pharmacovigilance and to collaboratively intensify their activities in China and in LATAM.
More information here

Training Programmes

We are keen to conduct training courses in addition to that at the annual and mid year meetings.
Training tends to take the following basic patterns:
Basic pharmacovigilance: 1 to 3-day courses
Advanced pharmacovigilance: e.g. risk management, benefit-to-harm assessment, decision making: 1 or 2 day courses Adhoc: for example on clinical trial safety, pharmacogenetics, immunopharmacovigilance, ecopharmacovigilance. That said, we look to tailor education for any specific audience and are also keen to collaborate with other societies in the provision of educational material.
Regarding additional requests for training courses from all countries outside the regular mid-year training courses, decisions must be taken by the EC before informing the requestor.
General request for offers to conduct PV training courses with the collaboration of ISoP, and if ISoP members or ISoP chapters feel a strong need for PV training in their country, please contact us at

ISoP Joint Sessions

ISoP is much interested in co-organizing joint symposia with other scientific societies aimed at improving the culture of pharmacovigilance all over the world.
Scientific societies interested in such co-operations can contact the ISoP Secretariat: