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Training - ISoP Symposium & Training

ISoP Mid-Year Symposium
Leiden, Netherlands
June 2023

In collaboration with Lareb

Pharmacovigilance: where science meets clinical practice

ISoP Mid-Year Symposium 2023

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In pharmacovigilance, various scientific disciplines such as epidemiology, (clinical) pharmacology, and medical science are necessary to monitor the safe use of drugs. This ISoP midyear symposium aims to showcase how the synergy between these disciplines can improve the quality and impact of our work. Epidemiological approaches may help us in the identification of potential safety signals, but the clinical interpretation of what happened combined with the correct epidemiological context is paramount. Whether we rely on data from spontaneous reporting systems, observational data, or medical files, a clear understanding of the clinical context and its implications from the perspective of patients and healthcare professionals form the basis of the detection of safety signals.

This symposium offers you the possibility to increase your knowledge, exchange information, and share experiences with other participants and speakers, which will enable you to get some new ideas on how to improve your work. Experts in the field of pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, clinical pharmacology, and medical sciences will discuss relevant topics about the added value of intensive collaboration between the disciplines. We focus on the nature of the data, as well as leveraging the methods and tools used, both with respect to signal detection and implementation of our findings in practice.

On the first day, topics related to signal detection will be addressed, including the quality and utility of the available clinical information in the data source, causality assessment, and the use of new data sources and methods to detect signals. On the second day, we will focus on the best ways of implementing information about the safety of drugs in clinical practice.

The ISoP mid-year meeting will be hosted by the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb on June 2023 (dates TBC) in Leiden, the Netherlands.
This symposium is aimed at pharmacovigilance professionals working in an industry, regulatory, or university setting as well as persons working in clinical or epidemiological settings with a keen interest in pharmacovigilance.