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The creation of the ISoP Latin America Chapter was officially announced in October 2009 at the Annual Meeting in Reims (France).
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The main objective of this chapter is to develop educational activities with the aim to increase knowledge and to ensure trainings in the field of Pharmacovigilance. We would like the Latin-American chapter to be an independent forum for people working in regulatory agencies, academia, hospitals, and also in pharmaceutical companies. Since its creation, new members from Latin America have joined ISoP.


  • UBA (National University of Buenos Aires)
  • UNC (National University of Córdoba, Argentina)
  • ANMAT – Argentina (National Administration of Drugs, Food and
  • Tec. Medicine)
  • SAFv (Argentina Society of Pharmacovigilance)
  • Society of Pharmacovigilance of Venezuela
  • ANVISA – Brazil
  • Members of pharmaceutical Industry (only on individual basis)


The very first beginning of this chapter was the ISoP 8th Annual Meeting, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and organized by the Argentina Society of Pharmacovilance as local team. This idea was born in 2002, at the 2nd ISoP Annual Meeting: Murilo, Luis, Luisa and Raquel dreamt there about an ISoP Meeting held in Cataratas del Iguazú, the wonderful falls situated in the border of Argentina and Brazil. And the work of disseminating educational material in our languages (mainly in Spanish) started several years later: a Pharmacovigilance book in Spanish was published in 2007 with the aim of providing some useful information in a format easily available for clinicians and with contents adapted to their needs and interest. Between 2007 and 2009, Spanish translations of WHO Drug Information were published by the SAFv, with the same objective.

ISoP - la farmacovigilancia Published in September 2007, in collaboration with the International Society of Pharmacovigilance, this 300- page textbook is an important contribution to Pharmacovigilance literature in Spanish with a particular focus on Latin America. It is well referenced and contains many diagrams and tables. The aim of this book, targeted at clinicians, general practitioners and medical and pharmacy students, is to emphasise the importance of pharmacovigilance to enhance and improve patient safety, and physician’s reports, as well as stimulate spontaneous reporting, and dismiss the misconception that pharmacovigilance is unfeasible in developing countries… (Uppsala Reports 40, January 2008, UR40 January 2008).

Teaching Pharmacovigilance in Universities
9-10 May 2019, Cordoba – Argentina

This Symposium was devoted exclusively to the teaching of Pharmacovigilance and adverse effect in Universities. Please read the symposium report HERE

Symposium agenda (with links for youtube free-access videos of presentations) click HERE

ISoP LA Chapter 5th Symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil
29-30 October 2018 (Sao Paulo University)

The 5th Symposium of the ISoP Latin-American chapter was successfully held in the School of Public Health, Sao Paulo University, on 29th and 30th October 2018.
Topics included: Pharmacovigilance and Public Health, Pharmacovigilance in Universities, Signal Detection, Risk Management Plans in Latin-America, Challenges in Biotherapeutics, and Registries, among others.

For further information,
click here for the symposium flyer or contact:

Please feel free to join our Chapter, for more information about membership and activities, contact Dra Raquel Herrera Comoglio at

Elected Bureau (2016)

Dr. Luis Alesso, National Córdoba University

Dr. Anthony Wong, Children’s Institute, School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo

Coordinator and Editor: Dra. Raquel Herrera Comoglio, National Córdoba University

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