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Chapters - Italy

The ISoP Italian Chapter was established in 2006 at the ISoP Executive Committee meeting in Sevilla (Spain)
ISoP Chapters - Italy


The ISoP Italian Chapter is the very first chapter created in ISoP, established in 2006 at the ISoP Executive Committee meeting in Sevilla, under the Presidency of Prof. Giampaolo Velo (2003-2006).


Today, the ISoP Italian Chapter is composed of ISoP Italian members who voluntarily participate in the activity of the Chapter. The missions of the ISoP Italian Chapter are:
1) to promote the science and the culture of Pharmacovigilance in Italy
2) to promote the activities of the ISoP in Italy


The main objectives are:

● to organize educational activities annually for Pharmacovigilance stakeholders working in the Italian Pharmacovigilance frame;
● to promote scientific events dedicated to Pharmacovigilance in Italy
● to encourage contacts and cooperation among the different Italian groups who are currently involved in Pharmacovigilance activities;
● to support young researchers in Pharmacovigilance by inviting them to implement their scientific network by joining the ISoP and encouraging them to be active in the group by their participation in specific activities they can be easily involved in;
● to promote discussion and cooperation among the different pharmacovigilance stakeholders (academia, national and local regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies).


The ISoP Italian Chapter was established in 2006 at the ISoP Executive Committee meeting in Sevilla, under the Presidency of Prof. Giampaolo Velo (2003-2006), when ISoP members agreed on the creation of regional Chapters to facilitate the organization of meetings, training courses, or other activities. Prof. Ugo Moretti has been the interim coordinator of the Chapter since 2007. In April 2007, the Italian Chapter organized the first event in Verona: the “Signal detection and dissemination in pharmacovigilance” workshop; then, the Chapter supported in December 2009 the National Congress of Pharmacovigilance, organized by the Tuscan Pharmacovigilance Centre in Florence.

In March 2011, Dr. Marco Tuccori (University Hospital of Pisa) was finally elected as chair of the Chapter, while Dr. Stefano Bonato (Bayer Italia) and Prof. Corrado Blandizzi (University of Pisa – deceased on January 5th, 2021) as secretary and treasurer, respectively.

In October 2013, the ISoP Italian chapter collaborated to the organization of the ISoP Annual Meeting “The Renaissance of Pharmacovigilance” in Pisa.

In September 2021, under the auspices of ISoP and the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF), a free webinar “6th Symposium on the Role of the Real World Evidence to support regulatory decision making: Post-marketing surveillance of biologics in real-world setting: which strategies?” was organized by the University of Verona, in collaboration with the ISoP Italy Chapter.

From 20 to 23 September 2022, the ISoP 2022 Annual Meeting “A New Era of Pharmacovigilance: Challenges and Opportunities” was organized in Verona by the Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Prof. Gianluca Trifirò.
This meeting represented a unique opportunity to give new energy to the Italian chapter activities, with many new Italian researchers becoming ISoP members. In 2023 Dr. Marco Tuccori was confirmed as chapter coordinator, and Prof. Emanuel Raschi and Dr Salvatore Crisafulli were nominated secretary and treasurer, respectively.

All persons interested in pharmacovigilance activities in Italy are welcome and invited to be a member of ISoP and the Italy Chapter. Join ISoP here.

Marco Tuccori

Emanuel Raschi

Salvatore Crisafulli

Current Coordinating Group (2023):

Marco Tuccori
Emanuel Raschi
Salvatore Crisafulli

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