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Chapters - China

The creation of the China Chapter of ISoP was officially announced in October 2016 at the Annual Meeting in Agra (India).


Virtual Event
21 October 2021

Monitoring the safety of medicines in special populations

Symposium 2021


The mission of ISoP China Chapter is to actively address the needs arising from a range of pharmacovigilance activities in China, through combining and utilizing all existing strengths to promote pharmacovigilance and offering a pharmacovigilance information exchange platform for people working in all areas especially regulatory agencies, academia and in pharmaceutical companies.

The Forbidden City Pharmacists Conference (FCPF), September 2021.
Highlight of the session “Pharmacovigilance and Drug Risk Management” during the Forbidden City International Pharmacist Conference 2021.
Report in Chinese here.
Report in English here.

Published article “A brief introduction of International Society of Pharmacovigilance and experience sharing”
Source: Zhang L, Tian W, Tang X, et al. A brief introduction of International Society of Pharmacovigilance and experience sharing. Journal of Drug Evaluation, 2017,34(2):141-146.
张力,田文杨,唐雪等. 国际药物警戒学会简介与启示. 中国药物评价. 2017, 34(2):141-146.

Objectives for the next 3 years:

•    Develop and foster pharmacovigilance in China with translation of the WHO-ISoP curriculum identified as a priority for those who could act as trainers within China
•    Address pharmacovigilance needs arising from China as well as promoting international collaboration to learn about good working practices
•    Improve and harmonize pharmacovigilance system in China by collaboration with local Health Authority.
•    Promoting a regular exchange of information on pharmacovigilance by means of meetings, symposia, workshops, bulletins and trainings
•    Encouraging pharmacovigilance education at all levels
•    For healthcare professionals and general public
– Integration of pharmacovigilance courses in medical, paramedical and pharmacist studies
– Academic specialization course.
•    Coordination and validation of the translation of relevant pharmacovigilance documents based on suggestions from the Chapter
•    Cooperating with other organizations and societies concerned with Pharmacovigilance and drug safety: WHO, UMC, ISPE, DIA in China, and other China Academic Association.
•    Publishing scientific and other relevant articles relating to pharmacovigilance in China, translation of reference books and release pharmacovigilance Newsletter. Starting with an editorial in a main Chinese pharmaceutical journal to explain why an ISoP Chapter is needed for PV in China.
•    Establishing ISoP China public website or set up a webpage on ISoP website, discussing forum by email and public social platform (i.e., WeChat) in liaison with ISoP administration.
•    Gather all stakeholders
•    Increase awareness about patients safety

The ISoP China chapter could serve as a partner to PV training with collaboration with local HA and academic societies/associations for providing speaker and sharing PV knowledge and experience. In return, ISoP China Chapter could promote ISoP and enhance the image and impact of ISoP in China to promote pharmacovigilance.


All persons interested in pharmacovigilance activities in the region are welcome and invited to be a member of ISoP and the China Chapter. Join ISoP here

Please contact ISoP Aministration for further information.

Current Coordinating Group:

Zhou Lynn
Sanofi, Global Pharmacovigilance & Epidemiology

Tang Xue
Pfizer, Global PV Office Safety Evaluation & Reporting

Zhang Li
Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine