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With the advancement of the concept of Pharmacovigilance in Egypt, the ISoP Egypt Chapter has been set up to support, further expose, and enrich Pharmacovigilance practice in Egypt, and to facilitate the regional & global sharing of experiences for all Pharmacovigilance stakeholders in Egypt.
The chapter will have a networking role, providing consultation and an information exchange platform in different areas in the field of Pharmacovigilance to share their experience.
The chapter will have an educational role, employing educational and risk minimization activities for Pharmacovigilance awareness, reinforcement and promotion in accordance to the highest international standards, in addition to educational content sharing to health care professionals and pharmacists across Egypt.


  • Develop Pharmacovigilance system in Egypt
  • Support and enrich Pharmacovigilance practice within pharmaceutical companies
  • Develop & foster Pharmacovigilance and risk management Practice for all stakeholders
  • Contribute in and encourage Pharmacovigilance education at all levels.
  • Provide training, workshops, seminars and webinars in the field of Pharmacovigilance.
  • Strengthen & conduct Pharmacovigilance research, safety studies, registries and related scientific publications
  • Enhance awareness of health professionals, patients and the general public about Pharmacovigilance and patient safety
  • Stimulate reporting of adverse events/reactions and other safety information
  • Support the integration of Pharmacovigilance in public health programs
  • Address arising Pharmacovigilance needs

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