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The ISoP Student Group


The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. However, many undergraduate and postgraduate students, in relevant disciplines, do not receive a curriculum with adequate scientific and educational content in pharmacovigilance and so lack awareness of the career opportunities provided by this diverse and dynamic field. For students to have an international forum that fosters peer-peer collaboration and provides expert guidance and knowledge in pharmacovigilance, the ISoP Student Group was established.

Through ISoP’s channels, students from all over the world will be able to connect in this group and the wider ISoP membership which includes senior opinion leaders who can support and advise. Furthermore, it would allow students to develop their core understanding of pharmacovigilance through the sharing and creation of knowledge and the development and practice of fundamental skills.
This group exists to encourage student interest and involvement in pharmacovigilance, as it is an excellent employment option, and to understand its multidisciplinary nature. They will learn how they could be leaders in the future, both in the way they think and act.
Student involvement can benefit ISoP by creating greater involvement of broader perspectives and experience levels; student input into PV curricula would be of value; and by instilling a lifelong passion for and commitment to ISoP and its values.


1. to facilitate the long-term engagement of students and researchers in ISoP.
2. to plan student activities during ISoP meetings and throughout the year, maximize the advantages of ISoP membership for students, and increase student involvement in ISoP activities.
3. to expand the social and professional networks of ISoP student members and to build a vibrant and involved global pharmacovigilance student community that is well-prepared to address the pharmacovigilance challenges of the future.
4. to offer a discussion forum for topics of interest to pharmacovigilance students around the world.
5. to promote or increase awareness of the importance and value of pharmacovigilance amongst students of relevant disciplines.

Benefits of joining the group

1. networking with senior colleagues in pharmacovigilance for future opportunities, e.g., research collaborations, including the ISoP Fellows group.
2. the chance to network with other pharmacovigilance students on an international scale.
3. accessing the full content of Drug Safety, the journal of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance.
4. opportunity to participate in the ISoP’s different activities, including online and onsite webinars, meetings, training, awareness activities, and others.
5. receive important communications and updates from ISoP regarding pharmacovigilance around the globe.


All primarily postgraduate students (e.g., Masters and Ph.D. students), who are members of ISoP, especially those studying pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacology, pharmacy, medicine, and related health sciences are welcome to join. The group could also include interested undergraduate or near postgraduate students and those working in junior postdoctoral positions.

How to join the ISoP Student group?

· You are a member of ISoP and currently enrolled as a student.
· You have an interest in pharmacovigilance and a passion for learning more about it. If you are not a member yet, please join ISoP at
· If you would like to join the group, please submit the application form HERE, and we will contact you once you are accepted.

Mode of Communication
Meeting once every two months using a web-based tool (Zoom).

If you would like more information about the ISoP Student Group, please contact the group leader, Dr Manal Younus, by email at